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Born from a shared dream and a lifelong bond, Kaya Fashion is the brainchild of two brothers, Prashant and Kunal. Growing up, sharing and caring, navigating the world with a sense of wonder and an unwavering commitment to each other. Their journey into the world of children’s fashion began when they became fathers themselves, realizing the need for clothing that blended style, comfort, and durability for their own little ones.

Kaya Fashion is a fusion of love, creativity, and family. The heart of our company lies in the remarkable women who stand beside our founders, Prashant’s daughter Kayomi and Kunal’s daughter, Yashika – “Ka-Ya”.

Inspired by their own childhood adventures and the joy of parenthood, Prashant and Kunal embarked on a mission to create a company that celebrated the spirit of childhood. They pouredtheir passion, creativity, and shared experiences into every design, ensuring  that each piece  embodies the same sense of exploration and imagination that defined their own upbringing.

With a dedication to quality, affordability, and a touch of sibling magic, Kaya Fashion was born. Today, the company is a testament to the enduring bond between two brothers, creating clothing that not only looks fantastic but also lets kids be kids, just as Prashant and Kunal did all those years ago.

What we do


At Kaya Fashion, we’re dedicated to crafting exceptional children’s clothing that not only makes kids
look amazing but also cares for their delicate skin and the planet. Here’s how we make it happen:

Quality Fabrics, Gentle on Skin and Earth:

We meticulously source the finest materials that are not only kind to your child’s skin but also gentle on the environment. As manufacturers, our commitment to sustainability means that each garment is made with the utmost care, using eco-friendly fabrics that meet the highest standards.

Stylish, Trendsetting Designs:

Our passion for fashion drives us, to create stylish and trendsetting designs that will have your child looking their best. We follow the latest fashion trends while also striving to set our own. Your little one will be a trendsetter, turning heads wherever they go.

Impeccable Quality Finish:

We don’t compromise when it comes to quality. Every detail, from stitching to the finishing touches, is executed with precision, setting us apart as manufacturers of premium children’s clothing. We take pride in delivering clothing that not only looks good but also stands up to the rigors of active childhood adventures.

Durable, Reusable Garments:

When we design our garments, we have the life of the clothing at the heart of our thoughts. We create with longevity in mind, ensuring our clothes are not only longlasting but also reusable. Your child’s wardrobe should be a collection of cherished pieces, and our
clothing is made to be just that.

Explore our collections to experience the difference. We are proud manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters of kids’ clothing, dedicated to quality, style, and sustainability.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

At Kaya Fashion, we understand the unique demands of B2B partnerships, and we’re the ideal choice
for children’s clothing for these reasons:

Dependable Manufacturers:

As seasoned manufacturers, we guarantee high-quality kids' clothing to meet your specific requirements consistently.


Our eco-friendly manufacturing practices, tailored to B2B needs, reflect our commitment to a greener future.

Low MOQs for Wholesalers:

We offer low Minimum Order Quantities, enabling wholesalers to access our fashionable and eco-conscious children's clothing without high inventory commitments.


Our designs ensure that your clients' young customers are at the forefront of style and trends, setting your brand apart.


We offer competitive pricing and unparalleled quality, making our clothing a cost-effective choice for your business.


Quality is ingrained in everything we do, from fabric selection to meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring long-lasting, durable products.

Choose Kaya Fashion to benefit from reliable manufacturing, sustainable practices, flexible low MOQ options tailored for wholesalers, cutting-edge style, cost-effective solutions, and premium children’s clothing for your B2B requirements.

Our Brands

We welcome inquiries from sellers of kids clothing wishing to grow their business and seeking trustworthy manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters. We would be glad to start a business dialogue as a dependable manufacturer of children’s clothing in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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